Say hello to our new typographer! He’s already hard at work on a Carbonmade redesign and earning his keep in cabbage. Look at him go!!

Our designer Timo is probably shaking in his very stylish boots.

This circular mouse is smarter than me.

Updated Ultimate Goal List For 2014!

- Go to Africa and visit Jessica the hippo (

- Start some more bands/play some shows.

- Do more Puig Destroyer. (it’s happening)

- Sing the 7th inning stretch song at Wrigley Field. (From the booth. With the mic.)

- While in Africa also hang out with some spotted hyenas.

- Make it illegal for people to touch other people’s belly buttons. (Still trying to get the legislation nailed down on this one.)

- Find out what’s going on at the bottom of the ocean. (Someone else is going to need to do this for me.)

- Get something invented to replace rubber bands because rubber bands are gross as shit.

- Be recognized as the most influential and educated man on bath culture and bath-taking technique.

- Live at least 100 years. Centurion muthafuckas!